Pristine: Abstract Ecru

Evoking the classic Greek Key design, Abstract Ecru is at home in formal and informal settings. This bold design in a subtle color offers the best of both worlds: a statement piece that won’t dominate the table. 

Abstract Ecru works well on the simple and understated white of Pristine®, which fits into virtually any environment from fine dining to contemporary casual, and from university dinner halls to creative catering. Pristine offers a broad number of shapes in a simple base pattern, but the vast number of additional patterns, like Abstract Ecru, help make Pristine a study in graceful contradiction.

Use this Homer Laughlin Pristine 12-1/4" plate to serve distinguished main entrees. 

Made with a high-fired, lead free glaze, Pristine® is setting a new standard for American-made white chinaware. Abstract Ecru will showcase elegant entrees with its silky look and feel and its chip-resistant durability. 

This item can be used in the oven up to 450º. To reduce risk of breakage, refrain from transporting the piece from one extreme temperature to another.

November 2017


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