Introducing the New Grove Line

Grove from The Hall China Company is a chef’s dream, a canvas worthy of an array of culinary creations. With its design and colors inspired by nature, each piece is as one-of-a-kind as the expertly prepared fare that will be served on it. 

The first thing you notice are the asymmetrical shapes, sprung from the mind of Hall designer Mick Bowdler (see profile, this issue). Taking cues from tree slices, driftwood, and flat stones, Grove is a true original, looking unlike any other dinnerware in your collection.

Subtly textured grooves along the rolling surface add depth and interest. When pigment and glazing are applied, they settle in different thicknesses and intensities, forming variations in appearance and feel. The warmth of the sepia tone plays well with rustic creations and herbaceous plating, while the cool of gray elevates dishes with a quirky sophistication.

Add the Grove collection to your mix of existing dinnerware to accent tabletop décor, tie everything together, or create a pointed contrast. Grove gives appetizers, shareables, and signature dishes a show-stopping presentation that adds value and wow factor.

November 2017


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