Hall China Receives NRA Show Exhibitor Award

Sometimes, before the awards can be given out, there are beneficiaries upon whom a special honor must be bestowed first. 

The National Restaurant Association (NRA), which has been hosting its annual trade fair since 1919, recently began a program to recognize longstanding exhibitors at different milestones, such as 10, 25, or 50 years of continual exhibition. The thinking goes, recognizing the hard work that paved the way for the industry is a humble reminder that excellence is hard fought and enduring. 

But before they could move the program forward, Hall China, a member of the HLC Family of Companies, was honored for 81 consecutive years of exhibition at the NRA show. At this year’s event, which was held in late May in Chicago, Hall was presented with an award to celebrate their longevity as an exhibitor. HLC President Liz McIlvain received the award.

Robert Hall founded Hall China in 1903 in East Liverpool, Ohio. They became famous in the 1920s for their distinctively decorated teapots, and began producing their own line of dinnerware in 1936, the same year they began exhibiting at the NRA show. They joined the HLC Family of Companies in 2010.

September 2017


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