“Made in the USA”: Homer Laughlin China Company Makes a Claim of Quality


Independent verification and accreditation earn certification mark

Newell, WV — What does it mean when a company boasts their product is “Made in the USA”? How is that claim different from “Assembled in the USA” or “Proud to be an American Manufacturer?” As it turns out, and much to the chagrin of many American manufacturing companies, the difference is a matter of interpretation; that is, “Made in USA” brand licensees usually meet accreditation standards through self-certification.

Decades ago, “Made in America” became a rallying cry as industries hoped to move consumer preference away from low-priced imports. Today, manufacturers generally agree that “Made in the USA” should be a badge of American quality.

As one of the last, large, true manufacturers of dinnerware made in the United States, HLC Inc.’s Homer Laughlin China Company became one of the charter partners in a movement to stop the process of self-certification of the “Made in America” claim. Taking the lead on this front is GBQ Partners LLC, an independent CPA firm who has teamed with Made in the USA Brand, LLC, to administer the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark verification program process. That process is now complete for Homer Laughlin.

“GBQ Partners has completed their independent verification process of our products,” said Katie McIlvain, foodservice and general marketing manager for the HLC Family of Companies. “We are proud to be able to say that Homer Laughlin’s full line of dinnerware products are now certified as Made in the USA.” To achieve accreditation and verification, products must be found to have U.S. content greater than 90 percent.

“This is a hallmark of quality we are honored to have achieved,” said McIlvain. “We believe that offering a product made in the USA makes a difference to our customers, and we’re proud of our company’s American heritage.”

About The Homer Laughlin China Company

The Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC Inc.), founded in 1871, is the largest domestic tableware manufacturer in the United States, employing over 800 skilled craftsmen in a 37-acre facility. Homer Laughlin China, Kenilworth, and Hall China comprise the HLC Inc. family of companies. HLC’s diverse range of lead-free commercial dinnerware meets every conceivable need for today’s discerning chefs and restaurateurs. Setting the tone — not just the table — is at the heart of the HLC commitment to its customers. For more information, please contact HLC Inc., 672 Fiesta Drive, Newell, WV 26050. Phone: (800) 452-4462. Fax: (800) 533-8918. Web: www.hlcdinnerware.com Email: hlc@hlchina.com.