HLC Design Award Goes to Eisner Rose Associates


La Cerveceria De Barrio’s dinnerware wins coveted Parry Award


Newell, WV—The Homer Laughlin China Company announced the winner of its Jonathan O. Parry Design Award, recognizing Eisner Rose Associates of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The restaurant supply company was instrumental in helping Homer Laughlin’s dedicated design department create custom dinnerware for Eisner Rose Associates’ customer, La Cerveceria De Barrio, a Mexican restaurant and bar with two locations in Miami. 


The annual award honors the year’s best custom dinnerware project as judged by a panel of china design and graphic design professionals. 


In what has become a tradition, The Homer Laughlin and Hall China companies host an event for their sales reps at the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. During the event, the Jonathan O. Parry Design Award is bestowed on the year’s best custom dinnerware project. The award’s namesake was an HLC art director who passed away in 2000. The award is given each year to honor Jonathan’s creativity, vision, and love for the industry.


The winning design, applied to HLC’s Rolled Edge platters and plates, features the restaurant logo at the 12 o’clock position, a medium-thick blue border stripe just inside the outer rim, and a thicker band of leaves that fill the remainder of the rim. The leaves have a hand-drawn quality and are in a lighter shade of blue. Space between the leaves is filled with an abstract design in light blue and white that is reminiscent of a blowing breeze, as though lifting the leaves as they follow the dinnerware’s edge.


Jonathan Eisner and Scot Rose founded their company in 2003. Eisner’s background is in distribution of foodservice equipment, supplies, and furnishings, while Rose began in operations, managing a top catering company. They joined forces to serve the foodservice industry throughout South Florida. 


La Cerveceria De Barrio (“the neighborhood brewery”) offers traditional Mexican recipes and seafood in a casual atmosphere. The establishment also offers attentively crafted cocktails rooted in Latin traditions. These two Miami locations are the first outside of Mexico City, where the chain has 30 units.


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