Hall China Debuts New “Everything” Trays

03-Aug-2018 Get on trend with versatile trays that serve any need, any table 


Newell, WV—What started as the shareables movement — small plates and appetizers served on trays for the whole table to share — has now set the stage for a new way to serve just about everything else. No longer just for large presentations or center-of-the table use, trays are trending upward with restaurateurs and chefs, who now have another option to specialize the presentation of signature entrées, salads, sandwich combos, and desserts. Everyday meals are rejuvenated to become memorable — even Instagram worthy. And trays offer a novel solution to limited serving areas as well.


Trays of all sizes and shapes are now in high demand for a place on the bar top, diner counter, two-top, or long and narrow table — anywhere a large round plate can’t go. The Hall China Company, already the maker of dozens of tray and platter options, has launched two new, versatile series of trays for the tabletop, Bright White and new Hammered Copper.


The new Hammered Copper  collection from Hall China delivers on its name, appearing as handcrafted hammered metal ware — popular since ancient times for the way light dazzles off its surface — but now in easy-to-clean and cost-effective ceramic. The line commands attention while accommodating a tighter serving area. Available in narrow, wide, or square shapes and flat or elevated styles, each one brings drama to the table and mixes well with other dinnerware, especially white, black, or earthy tones.


Hall’s popular Bright White glaze now graces seven new ceramic trays. In six different rectangular options as well as a 5-inch square, in both low-pedestal or elevated profiles, Bright White is an edgeless stage for plating that pops, distinctive in the minimalism of its design. Diners and chefs alike will appreciate the simplicity of this pristine backdrop for a beautiful meal.


What to serve on a tray? “Anything goes,” said Katie Bricker, foodservice and general marketing manager for HLC. “Hammered Copper and Bright White are ideal for plating entrees, serving shared apps, or presenting the prettiest lineup of cupcakes you’ll ever see. Both save space on busy tabletops and each inspires creativity of presentation while requiring less plated food.”


For a closer look at all of HLC’s tray options, download our new “Trays Bien” brochure here


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