Hall China Ceramic Serving Pans Maximize Temperature Distribution


Smarter serving improves food quality and reduces food costs


Newell, WV—From catered events to buffet lines, from cocktail suites to lobby shareables, managing food quality while minimizing food waste is a balancing act for foodservice operations that batch prepare and hold food for guests. To walk this line, something as simple as a holding pan becomes integral to a property’s branding strategy.

The Hall China Company®, the largest manufacturer of specialty chinaware and sister company to Homer Laughlin China, manufacturer of famous Fiesta® dinnerware, is the only source where caterers and hoteliers can find durable, easy-to-clean, American-made ceramic baking and serving pans.

Thick-walled ceramics offer superior heat retention and, by their nature, spread the heat across the entire vessel body, eliminating hot spots or cook points over the warming flame. Alternative serving tray materials add waste, cost, and labor to the operation’s bottom line. For example, plastic food pans simply fail to retain temperatures, increasing food waste and costs. Stainless steel or disposable aluminum serving pans fail to spread the heat and continue to cook the food. To buy time and prevent food loss caused by dried-out or overcooked portions, staff may add water to the pan, thereby causing the food to lose its flavor.

Only ceramic food pans maintain temperature by a measurable degree, allowing operators to maximize the efficiencies of their batch service — from hearty prepared meats to delicate menu items including eggs and heavy creams.

With six different shapes and sizes to choose from, Hall China serving pans have you covered when it comes to satisfying hungry guests in the serving line. And with seven different colors to choose from, you can mix and match sizes and colors to make a bright and appealing buffet display. Or select all white for a classic, upscale look.

About The Homer Laughlin China Company

The Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC Inc.), founded in 1871, is the largest domestic tableware manufacturer in the United States, employing over 800 skilled craftsmen in a 37-acre facility. Together, the Homer Laughlin China and Hall China are the HLC Inc. family of companies. HLC’s diverse range of lead-free commercial dinnerware meets every conceivable need for today’s discerning chefs and restaurateurs. Setting the tone — not just the table — is at the heart of the HLC commitment to its customers. For more information, please contact HLC Inc., 672 Fiesta Drive, Newell, WV 26050. Phone: (800) 452-4462. Fax: (800) 533-8918. Web: www.hlcdinnerware.com. Email: hlc@hlchina.com.