The “shareables” movement—appetizers served on trays for the whole table to share—has now transformed the individual serving. Trays are in high demand for entrees, salads, desserts, coffee service, and more. And they fit on the narrow bar top, diner counter, two-top, or long table: anywhere a large round plate can’t go. Two new series of Hall China trays are stepping up to the table, one a little bit glitzy and one a classy new take on white. 

Hammered Copper is inspired by the handcrafted hammered metalware of old, reflecting light that dazzles off its textured surface. But Hall’s version is crafted of easy-to-clean, cost-effective ceramic in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

 Bright White, Hall’s popular true white glaze, now graces new ceramic trays in a distinctive minimalistic design. A barely-there pedestal holds an edgeless stage for plating that pops. Diners and chefs alike will appreciate this simple and pristine backdrop to enhance a beautiful meal.

We’re proud to announce that Hall China’s Hammered Copper trays are a winner of the 2018 Foodservice Equipment Reports Smallwares & Tabletop Product Awards.


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