Ramekins and Souffles

From 1 oz to 20 oz, the ramekin is neither bowl nor dispenser. It is a unique presentation that lends a European flair to any tabletop. Portion control and pure pizazz are the hallmarks of service with ramekins. And Hall’s hardy ramekins and custards are long-wearing and far more scratch-resistant than nearly disposable plastic or glass styles.

Hall’s ramekins can withstand the heat of a torch for crème brulee, and, as bakeware, go right from oven to refrigerator and back again. Hall’s ramekins are also ideal for pot pies, baked eggs, and any other single-serving dish. Thanks to good looks and our impressive variety of colors, there’s no need to hesitate when going directly from the oven or microwave to the table.

Individual portions fit perfectly, allowing for self-contained side servings for everyone at the table.

Hall: matching durability with quality.


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