Genuine Manufacturers.
Real people behind endless possibilities.

A Genuine Manufacturer™ is a company that actually makes its own high-quality products.

Most dinnerware companies aren’t dinnerware manufacturers. This distinction is important. Despite web sites, catalogs, and the talented sales representatives showing off their collections — many dinnerware companies no longer actually make what they sell.

Rather, they source from nameless and often unknown, unsupervised factories located in any corner of the world where labor can be had cheap. Orders come packaged in boxes with the sourcing company’s name on it, and, despite its origin being suspect, the price has been so right for so long we stopped noticing the lack of available options and the denigration of consistency and quality.

And somewhere along the line all of this became okay.
But we never stopped manufacturing. We make high quality dinnerware in a wealth of available options — and have for more than a century.

So What Does
a Genuine Manufacturer mean?

To Us

To us it means that we make our own high-quality products in our own factories allowing for absolute control over all facets of composition, design, quality, distribution, and environmental impact.


To our employees it means good jobs that pay a fair wage for work well done. We have men and women who make it a lifetime passion to bring quality to your tabletop. Lastly, but not of least importance, when you support us you contribute to our community.


To you it means you are receiving high-quality goods and services sourced close to home. Just hold a piece of our dinnerware and you can feel the quality. More than just more durable, our collections evolve quickly in tune with industry and cultural trends. Boundless colors and patterns adorn each of our collections — and these are standard variations on a base theme, NOT custom orders. But, if you really want to see something different, no problem. Being a Genuine Manufacturer means we have custom design capability. Since we make it, we can make it different…just for you.

HLC’s idea makers—at every level of our organization— are what makes our dinnerware better than any in the world.

We want to see our dinnerware and tabletop accessories become a part of both your interior design and your food presentation, and given over 100 years of dinnerware expertise, our designers are confident that we can make that happen.

Because we are a
Genuine Manufacturer.