What’s a “Genuine Manufacturer™”?

Hand-in-hand with being local, we are also a Genuine Manufacturer™. There is still a lot of confusion about what this means. The simplest way to explain it is that we make what we sell, right here in our company-owned and operated plant in West Virginia, USA.

It differentiates us from other dinnerware companies that may be based in the U.S.—but sell product they import from other countries. No other foodservice dinnerware company of Homer Laughlin’s size operating in the United States can claim the Genuine Manufacturer designation. Most dinnerware companies today aren’t dinnerware manufacturers. They don’t actually make what they sell.

With Homer Laughlin, you will always know you’re getting a product of the highest quality that was made by an American craftsman. A craftsman who is paid a fair wage and supports his or her family with the fruits of their labor.

It means in a very real sense, our dinnerware is homemade. Of course we fire our clay in state-of-the-art kilns. Of course we make our ware in molds to ensure consistency. Of course we’re using 3-D prototyping. But our people—the pottery-making wizards and ceramics scientists—are keeping an eye on the process. Our people are doing the fine finishing and decoration by hand. Their pride and passion are ingredients in every plate, bowl, cup, and platter.

Being a Genuine Manufacturer gives us absolute control over all facets of composition, design, quality, distribution, and environmental impact. It also gives us the flexibility to custom design something just for you. Learn more about our Custom Design program.

November 2018


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