More “Made Right Here” Ads On The Way

Our “Made Right Here” ad campaign will be continuing in the new year, so we’ll be telling more stories directly from our plants for Homer Laughlin in Newell, West Virginia, and Hall China in East Liverpool, Ohio. Unveiled last summer, the campaign focuses on the people who make our ware, and the personal, hands-on nature of their work.


In our newest ad, you’ll meet Mark Virden, a block and case modeler who has nearly 43 years with the company. It’s Mark’s job to transform concept models of new products into workable molds able to replicate actual product. In essence, every item we make begins with Mark or someone like him.


As the last major U.S. manufacturer of dinnerware, we feel it’s important to show why the people who make the ware make the difference.


By promoting the importance of using local ingredients and supporting local businesses, the foodservice industry was at the forefront of a movement. At HLC, we’ve always considered ourselves a local producer of handcrafted dinnerware, and this campaign helps us tell that story.


January 2020


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