HLC. As Local As You Can Get.

In foodservice, “local” has become a rallying cry. Many chefs can even walk out their kitchen door to a restaurant garden and harvest fresh vegetables and herbs to be used in that day’s specials.

We can’t promise you dinnerware THAT local. No one can. But we actually come pretty close.

Plates might not grow on trees, but, in a way, our dinnerware does “grow” from the ground—from the clay of U.S. river banks. Blended, molded, and shaped at our plant in Newell, W. Va. Fired here, hand-decorated here by American craftsmen. Shipped from here directly to you. As the last major U.S. manufacturer in the market, we can offer a more local experience than any other supplier.

What it means to you:

  • Local means faster shipping to you with no overseas transportation charges built in.
  • Local means your dinnerware supplier has a positive impact on its community as well as our national economy. Over 1,000 American workers make our products for you.
  • Local means you support an American Genuine Manufacturer™ that is able to minimize waste and promote sustainability through carefully controlled, cleaner production processes.

Local also means embracing our 150-year history of manufacturing quality, from earth to table. Many of you are committed to local sourcing of the foods you serve, and that means they’re fresher because they’re grown nearby. We hope you see the value in sourcing your dinnerware locally, too.

We’re proud to say, “When you hold a piece of Homer Laughlin ware in your hands, you can tell you’re holding quality.” Its heft, its beauty, its uniformity all tell the story.

We own our processes, from earth to table. From design to manufacturing. From the hundreds of color glazes and patterns to the custom embossments and hand-applied decorations we offer. We deliver exactly what you envisioned for your tabletops—and then we deliver it to you faster because we’re right here in the USA.

November 2018


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