Foundry Goes ‘Underground’ at Exclusive Dining Event

We introduced Foundry two years ago, and it quickly took the foodservice world by storm. With all the hearty grandeur of cast iron and none of the rust-risk or unbearable weight, chefs and restaurateurs fell in love with it and are still finding new ways to make it their own.

As evidence, look no further than Foundry’s starring role in the most recent Underground Kitchen (UGK) event. It was the signature tableware for the “New Americana”-themed dinner held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 7.

UGK originated as a community pop-up dinner series in 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, it has expanded to nearly 30 cities across the Southeast while maintaining its community-driven philosophy. With each event, UGK crafts a distinctive experience that revolves around a unique theme, location, and menu. It has been referred to as “the most exclusive dining ticket in town” by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Charlotte event was billed as “an experiential journey through the life and lens of a chef’s eye … a journey through the America of individual experiences and expression, creating the New Americana.” It included amazing food, local ingredients, handcrafted decorations, elegant floral installations, perfect pairings, and an intimate environment. All tied together by Foundry!

We created Foundry to inspire. Its blackened matte finish seems just-pulled from the fire and the shapes – carefully designed by company artisans – feature strong clean lines. It’s the perfect fit for many environments, from the top of the world to the hippest underground.


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