Chris Cosentino’s Jackrabbit Jumps at Chance to Customize with HLC

Celebrity Chef Chris Cosentino has earned a reputation for keeping an eye on things others overlook, as much of his cooking raises awareness about using as many parts of the animal as possible.When he was putting together his second restaurant, Jackrabbit, in Portland, Ore., he paid close attention to the details, too. This included choosing Homer Laughlin to provide the custom dinnerware. 

Jackrabbit is located in the Duniway hotel in downtown Portland, known for its unique bar that is half in the restaurant and half in the hotel lobby, and for its meaty entrees like four-pound steaks, whole braised rabbit, and roasted pig’s head. 


Starting with Carolyn

For the dinnerware, Cosentino chose the popular scalloped edge of the Carolyn plate as a base, then added a custom logo and black lines. The logo, designed by artist Jeremy Fish of San Francisco and commissioned by the restaurant, is a headshot of a closed-mouthed, unsmiling rabbit in a sport coat and tie. To make the plates even more unique, the logo bridges the rim and well of the plate, as though it is attempting to slide toward the middle.

“Working with the design team at Homer Laughlin was an easy collaboration,” said Peter Carrillo, director of A Perfect Bite Inc., who assisted Cosentino on finalizing the dinnerware for Jackrabbit. “I told them where we wanted the logo placed, they sent me a mock-up on a real plate, and I approved it. It was important to see the actual piece rather than an electronic proof because all ware at Jackrabbit is logoed—plates, grapefruit bowls, rounds, ovals. There are five or six different types in all.” 

And why was the rabbit logo offset? There’s a simple answer, from the chef himself. “I thought it looked cool,” said Cosentino.

Not the First Time

This is the second Cosentino restaurant for which Homer Laughlin has provided dinnerware, the first being his much-heralded San Francisco establishment, Cockscomb. For Cockscomb, he also chose Carolyn plates, but went logo-free and selected red lines instead of black. “For Cockscomb, the red went with the restaurant logo, even though the logo doesn’t appear on the plate,” explained Carrillo. 

“Chef Cosentino likes the Homer Laughlin brand, particularly the Carolyn design.” Said Carillo. “He appreciates that Homer Laughlin china is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a lifetime chip guarantee.” 

Cosentino’s restaurant empire continues to grow in the western United States. Acacia House in Napa Valley, Calif., opened in 2017. Currently, he is prepping another property, an Italian eatery in Texas to be named for his grandmother. 

December 2018


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