Eisner Rose Associates Says Award-Winning Design Was a Shared Success

“It all started with this idea from V&E Restaurant Group: combining something floral with something oceanic.” That’s how Jonathan Eisner, of Eisner Rose Associates, describes the impetus of their Parry Award-winning custom design for La Cerveceria de Barrio.

“Of course, we wouldn’t have even had the opportunity without Tomson Hospitality,” adds Eisner’s business partner, Scot Rose, with a smile.

It was Tomson Hospitality, a Miami-based distributor, that had the relationship with V&E, proprietors of La Cerveceria de Barrio. When the restaurant owners mentioned their desire for custom dinnerware, Tomson’s people immediately thought of Eisner Rose Associates.

“Tomson knew we repped Homer Laughlin, and they knew Homer had its own custom design department in-house,” said Rose.

Everyone got together for a meeting at the 2018 NRA show: Eisner Rose, V&E, Tomson, and the artists from Homer’s Custom Design Department.

“Being a Mexico-based chain, having both the floral and the oceanic design aspects were important in order to convey the story of where they came from and where they were going as they expanded into these South Florida stores — their first in the U.S.,” said Rose

From that initial meeting, Homer’s artists came up with several possible directions. The group narrowed the focus and the Homer team started putting designs on digital mock-ups, PDFs that showed how the designs would look on a plate.

Once a winner emerged, it was time to make sure the color was just right. “If we were just doing black, a digital proof might have been enough,” said Eisner. “But because it was blue, we had to be certain it was the precise blue that the customer wanted. So, Homer actually fired a physical sample for us and shipped it to us. The customer was able to hold the plate and get a feel for how it would look in the restaurant.”

In the end, all parties were pleased with the result.

“It was a home run,” said Eisner. “We first got together to discuss this project at NRA in 2018. At the following year’s NRA, we were winning the Parry Award for the project. It had come full circle.”


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