Technological advances give our people the power to create.

HLC INC. is more than 1,000 people who are passionate about dinnerware. The time-honored craft of pottery making has been in our blood for generations. Turning simple clay into dinnerware is our art.

To durable bodies of bright white or creamy ivory china, we add hand-applied decorations and mirror-like glazes, gorgeous colors from subtle to vivid — all of a quality that meets your highest standards while also meeting your need for value.

That’s why we say that our passion meets your passion for beauty, durability, and variety. We understand what you want, and that is why we offer a wide range of attractive and affordable dinnerware in striking shapes and designs so your tabletops can be as remarkable as your food.

Setting the tone — not just the table — is at the heart of HLC INC’s commitment to you.

Over the past century, HLC INC. has made a commitment to making our 37-acre manufacturing facility in Newell, West Virginia, one of the most modern in the world.

That commitment to innovation can be traced back to our humble beginnings. Today it is a drive that resonates throughout the company. From the mechanical wonder of the Flat Automatic, a marvel of the 1930’s, to the cutting-edge technology of 3-D prototyping today, HLC INC.has pushed past the boundaries of common practice to bring our customers the most durable, consistent, and environmentally friendly product that can be made in the U.S. today.