It starts with clay …
and the only limit is your imagination.

What if I could design my own china? What if my china could be emblazoned with — or even be in the shape of — my logo? What if my china could have a signature shape and color? Let our award-winning HLC INC. design team show you how we can create personalized or custom dinnerware that will enhance your cuisine and make your customers remember the artful tabletop as well as the wonderful food.

The process begins with a vision … yours. We help you brainstorm, conceptualize, design, create, and see your ideas come to life on the tabletop. Everything is fair game: logos, embossing, themes, shapes, colors — if you dream it, we can make it.

So break the mold. Get true custom-designed dinnerware from the artisans at The HLC INC.

That commitment to innovation can be traced back to our humble beginnings. Today it is a drive that resonates throughout the company. From the mechanical wonder of the Flat Automatic, a marvel of the 1930’s, to the cutting-edge technology of 3-D prototyping today, HLC INC. has pushed past the boundaries of common practice to bring our customers the most durable, consistent, and environmentally friendly product that can be made in the U.S. today.