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The foodservice industry has been an unsung leader in society’s shift to sustainable business practices. It all traces back to the “farm-to-table” movement, one of the first industry-wide trends—in any industry—to embrace a more holistic, locally centered approach to how business gets done. 

By promoting the importance of using local ingredients and supporting local businesses, the foodservice industry was at the forefront of a movement. At HLC, we’ve always considered ourselves a local producer of handcrafted dinnerware. Just as farm-to-table has become a mantra in the foodservice industry, earth-to-table is a guiding principle for us.

From the day the Laughlin brothers decided to form their pottery company in 1871, it was meant to be the community’s company—by putting local people to work and making them part of our success. Our roots are here, our growth has taken place here, and our hearts will never leave here. The towns of Newell, West Virginia, and East Liverpool, Ohio; our entire region; and generations of local pottery makers are all the better because of the rich clay in the soil of the upper Ohio River Valley.

Plucking a fresh herb from the earth for tonight’s special. Pulling rich clay from the ground to shape a new dinnerware line. Sourcing the day’s ingredients from a nearby farmer’s market. Perusing the colors and shapes of our home-grown ware. You can see how they’re not so different. 

Our tableware is made in America by people who are deeply invested in our company, our products’ integrity, and our community.

At the end of hectic dinner shift, maybe you take a moment to relax at the bar. At the end of a long workday, our people might head to your restaurant to unwind. When they get there, they hope our dinnerware is there, too.

The Homer Laughlin China Company®, now in the hands of its fourth generation of owners, is the largest remaining domestic tableware manufacturer in the United States. Here’s to being leaders in trends with the power to change the world. We hope to see you out there on the front lines.