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New Ad Campaign Highlights Local, Handmade Nature of HLC Ware

The foodservice industry leads the way in promoting the importance of using local ingredients and supporting local businesses. At HLC, we’ve always considered ourselves a local producer of handcrafted dinnerware, and we’re unveiling a new ad campaign to tell that story."

“Made Right Here” is a series of ads showcasing our deep local roots, family generations of craftsmen, quality ingredients, and hands-on processes. You’ll see the real people who make the ware that ends up on your tables.

Just as farm-to-table has become a mantra in the foodservice industry, earth-to-table is a guiding principle for us.

It’s plucking a fresh herb from the earth for tonight’s special. Pulling rich clay from the ground to shape a new dinnerware line. Sourcing the day’s ingredients from the nearby farmer’s market. Perusing the colors and shapes of our homegrown ware. You can see how they’re not so different.

At the end of a hectic dinner shift, maybe you take a moment to relax at the bar. At the end of a long workday, our people might head to your restaurant to unwind. When they get there, they hope our dinnerware is there, too.

Look for the first “Made Right Here” ad in trade magazines starting next month.