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Hooray for Trays

Does it seem like, suddenly, trays are everywhere? There’s a reason for that—trays can go where a round plate can’t. Think of the narrow bar top, a diner counter, two-top, or a long table—trays and narrow platters fit everything. Where a plate might overhang or overstuff a crowded tabletop, trays are the perfect fit.

Smart chefs are presenting entrées, salads, desserts, coffee service, and more on space-saving trays. Trays and platters become signature serving ware, fueling their creative license.

For decades, trays were reliable performers for appetizers, family-style service, and old-school restaurants where each side dish was a la carte. They still serve those purposes exceedingly well. But a new breed of chef has seized on other capabilities of these tabletop stalwarts, making them hip in the process.

Wherever large crowds of people gather to socialize and share, and where space is at a premium … trays to the rescue!

There’s also a lesser-known insider secret about trays: they can increase ticket averages. The creative presentations they inspire can result in a dish that uses less food but bumps up the margin. Chefs can take the same ingredients from a signature dish, artfully arrange them on a tray, and end up with an appealing, satisfying meal that increases average order value.

Is it any wonder that trays are popping up everywhere?